Dirty HVAC evaporator coils

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Evaporator coils are an important part of your HVAC system in Kingsport or neighboring communities. If you’ve had your HVAC system installed for quite some time, the evaporator coils may already have accumulated dirt and debris.

What Are Evaporator Coils?

The evaporator coils absorb the heat from inside your home then pass it into the condenser coils, which release the heat outside during summer and reverse during the winter months.

Problems Caused by Dirty Evaporator Coils

The continuous air motion lets dirt, dust, and grime accumulate on the air conditioner coils and the aluminum grills. Year-old accumulated dirt can get so thick that it’s carpeted with what looks like pocket lint, which is extremely difficult to remove. Lack of cleaning and maintenance can shorten your HVAC system lifespan.

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance

The evaporator unit is a complicated assembly, so cleaning, maintenance, and repair should be left to a certified air conditioner expert. Kingsport HVAC Pros has certified HVAC technicians who know how to care for your air conditioning system, ensuring that you get the most from it for years to come.

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