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Discovering mold in the home sends many homeowners into a panic. Uncontrolled mold can lead to serious respiratory illness, eye irritation, and skin reactions. If your air-conditioning system contains mold, act as soon as possible to reduce the risk of negative health outcomes.

Any space containing high moisture levels is at risk for mold. Most common molds require a wet environment to thrive, and air conditioners only run intermittently, allowing moisture and debris to accumulate in the air handler and ductwork. Whether you notice black mold, yourself, or a service technician discovers it, mold is an unwelcome health risk.

You may not notice mold in your AC system until it builds to recognizable levels. Any maintenance technician should alert you to possible signs of mold and give advice for removing it.

Mold has a distinctive musty smell. Most common molds will make the home smell old and unpleasant. You may notice the pungent nature of the smell increases as you run the air conditioner, particularly if mold spreads to the air ducts.

The mold you find in an air conditioner often looks similar to the mold you find elsewhere in the home, such as an uncleaned shower or basement. The patchy black residue may or may not wipe off easily, and will require cleaning to remove permanently.

If mold did not cause serious adverse health consequences, homeowners would not need to worry about its presence. However, mold can cause anything from mild irritation to serious respiratory illness requiring hospitalization.

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