Energy saving hacks for summer

Fan Unit KingsportWith summer comes a blast of fun new things to do, but also the scorching heat that watches your energy costs rise. While you’re taking refuge from the blazing sun or trying to cool down after all those fun outdoor activities, check out these energy saving hacks for summer that’ll have you conserving like a pro.

Get a Clothes Line – or Rack

Dryers take an incredible amount of power, and even the best-made ones still pump heat into the room – making your AC work harder. To keep them from racking up your electricity bills in the summer, get a clothes line for your yard and air dry your clothes with a nice sunbathed smell!

Adjust Your Ceiling Fan Setting – and Turn it Up

You may or may not know this, but there’s a switch on the side of your ceiling fan. This determines which way the blades spin, and since the blades are angled to drive air in a certain way, reversing the direction will determine whether air is blown up or down. Switching it to push the heat up will keep you cooler in the summer. Moving air is always cooler than stagnated air, and ceiling fans require much less energy than AC units to keep your home comfortable.

Get Some Trees – or Potted Plants

Natural shade is an excellent way to cool your home, so plant some tall and thick trees around your house to enjoy a natural – and beautiful – energy saver. Green has a natural cooling affect and will absorb heat, while producing oxygen. The air will feel fresher and colder.

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