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How snow and ice buildup damages your outdoor HVAC components

Winter weather can damage Heat Pumps and AC’s in quite a few ways in Kingsport. Unlike rain, snow and ice don’t evaporate right away. Instead, they build up and cause a host of problems.

Heat Pump and AC condensers are especially vulnerable. Most of the important parts on them are exposed. You can see the aluminum fan right through the top. And, there are all those slotted fins on the outside. Those coil fins are especially easy to damage. When moisture gets in between them, you run into trouble when it freezes over. The ice expands and can bend those coils. You’ll start off hearing some weird loud noises from the unit. Eventually, it’ll just get more damaged.

Elsewhere, icicles can be a big problem. That depends a lot on how close the unit is to the house or gutters. You’d be surprised how much damage falling ice can do. We’ve seen the coils and the guard on top of condensers all bent out of shape from impact like this.

Eventually, it melts and seeps further inside the unit. When it re-freezes, it can wreak having on those inner components. In fact, rust and corrosion is a big problem from winter weather. All that precipitation means the unit is exposed to a lot of moisture for a long time. That takes its toll.

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