HVAC System design: a key to indoor air quality solutions

Heat Pump Kingsport, TNMost of us put a high priority on breathing in clean air. So what are the components of an HVAC system that will provide you and your family with the air quality necessary to foster a healthy atmosphere?

A properly designed ventilation system is critical because ventilation provides the right balance of gases and ensures that the air you breathe doesn’t contain too much carbon dioxide. Adding ventilation also helps prevent COVID transmission because it dilutes any virus particles that may be present in the air.

Ventilation also controls odors and removes contaminants from occupied spaces. Sometimes correcting ventilation problems is just a matter of relocating intakes, adding makeup air or moving ductwork.

An important part of healthy indoor air quality solutions is humidity control. When maintenance is overlooked, condensate lines and drain lines can become clogged with sentiment. The result is – the moisture that your HVAC system is removing from the air becomes trapped. All that accumulating water is a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria, which collects inside your equipment and can even travel to your ducts.

Humidity control is also important for COVID mitigation, since the virus survives much longer at very low and very high humidity level, and tends to be weakened at moderate humidity levels.

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