Protect your heat pump from snow and ice damage

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Here are some easy steps you can take to protect your heat pump and air conditioner from snow and ice damage in the Kingsport TN/VA region:

• Make sure the defrost cycle works on your heat pump
• NEVER cover your heat pump!
• Cover your air conditioner condenser during the off-season
• Create a wind barrier around the unit
• Regularly shovel away snow

It’s okay to see a little bit of white frost on your system. What you don’t want is a significant buildup. Your Heat Pump can run defrost cycles to prevent this. Usually, the system will do this on its own when it gets really cold. But do not let snow accumulate.

It’s a good idea to create some sort of wind barrier for your outdoor equipment. This could be a hedge or small fence around it.

Make sure you get rid of any winter precipitation that builds up near or on your Heat Pump equipment. Do it just as you would shovel or driveway or sidewalk.

Finally, call a Kingsport HVAC Pros professional sooner rather than later if you think there’s a problem. Once winter rolls around, the best in the business will be busy. It could take a few days before a tech can get out to you.

Call Kingsport HVAC Pros to help you solve your winter weather problems. Contact us today at 423-205-6846 for a representative to visit you.

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