Winter weather affects HVAC air flow

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Winter weather can affect the HVAC air flow in Kingsport. When ice and snow build up around, on, or in your HVAC system, they make it harder for air to flow through the unit to extract heat. Once this happens, air can’t circulate as well as needs to. That’s when you end up paying more money every month.

How does this happen? We’ve seen some cases where a massive block of ice formed in the piping that leads from the condenser to the system inside. When this happens, what you get is restricted airflow through your HVAC system.

And, that’s more energy you end up paying for. Whether your system uses gas, oil or electric heat to warm your house, it’s going to need more to get the job done.

Now, when it comes to the heating unit, things work a little differently. Remember, it attracts thermal energy that’s outside and sends it into your home. The pump draws heat from all four sides. Any area that’s covered can’t do that as well as parts that are clear.

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